This Is How To Get Rid Of Mosquito Bites

Bumps and itching in the area of the mosquito bite arising from compounds that are injected by mosquitoes into the bite area. The compound is a type of protein in mosquito's tentacles that triggers a mild allergic reaction, causing a bump. Mosquitoes are indeed a common insect found in tropical countries, one of which is in Indonesia. Maintain personal and home hygiene to avoid this bloodsucking insect attack. Female mosquitoes determine their prey targets based on a combination of odors, breaths, and compounds in a person's sweat. Therefore, it is important to maintain personal hygiene so as not to be targeted by mosquitoes. How to get rid of mosquito bites Allergic reactions to insect bites can be divided into normal reactions, extensive local reactions, and serious reactions. A normal reaction is characterized by areas of bite marks that are painful, swollen, and red. In extensive local reactions, the symptoms of widespread allergies do not only occur in the bite area.
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